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skoki w hiszpanii, kurs AFF, kurs spadochronowy, aff course, skydiving courseJeśli poszukiwałeś szkolenia AFF w Hiszpanii to trafienie masz doskonałe. Możemy wyszkolić Cię w języku polskim.

The AFF skydiving ground school is designed for complete beginners. In easy to follow modules your tutor will guide you through every aspect of skydiving. You’ll become fully familiar with your skydiving equipment, freefall technique, how to fly your parachute and much more besides. This part of the skydiving course usually takes from half a day to a day.

The timeframe is flexible; the important thing is that you’ve understood everything. At the end of this initial section of the course you’ll take a written examination. This serves as a useful safety checklist and ensures that you have a thorough grasp of everything you’ve learnt so far.

With the rigorous AFF groundwork behind you, you’ll be confident and ready to take to the skies. You’ll begin with a series of jumps accompanied by your tutors. They’ll give you clear, in-air assistance via hand signals (e.g. in the air, 2 fingers extended means push out your legs). When you’ve reached level four of the course you’ll only need one instructor. This is when you’ll learn to perform some of the more advanced techniques like turns and barrel rolls. By the time you get to level 7 (or, Graduation Level) you’ll really be strutting your stuff… but more importantly, you’ll have proved to yourself that you can skydive, on your own, confidently and with an impressive array of newly acquired skills.

Many people imagine that a skydiving holiday is about a quick, basic lesson in freefall. Some think of the parachuting part as a “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt” episode to tag on at the end. Our own approach is very different. The courses we offer will not only give you the holiday of a lifetime, they’ll also ensure that you’ll have the lasting ability to handle a parachute safely and skilfully. Early in your course you will be given radio support from the ground, offering professional advice on navigation and flight patterns. As you progress, our instruction will be geared towards your becoming independent; independent enough to make your graduation skydive.

Once you’ve attained solo status we’ll continue to work with you, offering further guidance on accuracy skills in particular. Our Accelerated Freefall courses offer you the opportunity of totally immersing yourself in the thrill and exhilaration of this breathtaking sport; and it only takes a short period of time. If you have an adventurous streak running down your back (or even across it) and you’re someone who likes to push your personal boundaries then this is the course for you. Skydiving is unmatched in its ability to excite and heighten the senses, and, for tens of thousands of people, it provides an invigorating respite from the workaday grind of daily life.

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